Live and VST2 Issue: Preset/Snapshot Inconstencies

Issue: loading presets or snapshots suffers from inconsistencies in the processed sound and user interface.

Specific to Ableton Live and VST2 format

Latest investigations on this issue allows us to hilight an issue with VST2 parameters management in Ableton Live. We have initiated a discussion with them in order to tackle this issue and they have logged it in their development planning.

While waiting for Ableton feedback about the issue, we have the following workaround.

The issue doesn't occur if plug-in parameters are "known" by Ableton live i.e. parameters are displayed in Ableton Live plug-in Device window (click downward arrow in your plugin window to show these parameters).

For plugins that expose more than 64 parameters (= VMR / e2deesser / AirEQ), these parameters are not shown in this window, but if you click configure button and modify your parameters in your plug-in UI, these parameters will be added to device window.

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